Creativity is

the key to success

Elisa & Bri, Founders of Studio Eleven, talk about their store in Lynchburg, Virginia, their love of the decorative paint by Annie Sloan: Chalk Paint®, and how creativity is the key to their success.

welcome to studio eleven

We are Lynchburg's first Furniture Studio! We are stockists for Chalk Paint® and home of The Lazy Painter Workshop Series!  It is our goal to show you how to create beautiful things for your home, no matter how stretched your time or money may be. We want to inspire you, and to make you believe in yourself and your abilities!

Allow us to show you how you can create a unique one of a kind style for your home. We specialize in you!

Studio Eleven, LLC was founded by two moms with purpose and a dream. We are here to change your perspective in traditional home decor and design. Our furniture and home décor is truly a one of a kind and earth friendly. The items we select were once dumpster bound, abandoned and forgotten and our purpose is to adorn them with new life and style.

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